The new Single Entry Fenn Box is a high quality, strong, green powder coated metal tunnel with a Mk4 Fenn trap secured inside the box. The trap is easy to set and is suitable for trapping squirrels, it has a restricted entrance to stop any non target catches. Just set the trap, bait it up and close the cover and its ready to go.

This version of the Fenn Box is the ideal trap for use in loft spaces and gardens, the squirrel has to pass over the trap to get the food at the back of the tunnel.

Setting Instructions - PDF


New green powder coated squirrel trap designed to be mounted on a tree or fence. Similar to the Kania 2000 the squirrel enters from below and passes up through the trap and is caught using a Mk4 Fenn trap.

The trap can be mounted on the tree using straps or screws.

This trap is an excellent alternative to the the Kania 2000 being a similar size, British made and competively priced.

The box itself is designed to hold any of the Mk4 size traps but a genuine Fenn is supllied when the box and trap is purchased from ourselves.

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The new tree mounted live catch squirrel trap.

The trap has a unique bait tray treadle mechanism with an optional refuge compartment made from sheet steel and 1" diameter mesh floor.

The sprung loaded door is quick to close and has an internal baffle to stop escapes.

The trap and refuge compartment are green powder coated. The trap is ideal for trapping in areas of red squirrel populations.

Live Catch Tree Trap


New green powder coated Fenn trap tunnel, suitable for all makes of Fenn Mk 4 type traps, the tunnel is 30.5 cm (12") long and has a restricted entrance to stop non-target catches. This tunnel is ideal for rats, squirrels, stoats and weasels on the ground and has lugs on opposite corners to peg the tunnel down firmly to the ground.

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The Kania 2000 trap, originally developed in Canada for the fur trade, was approved for use in the UK from 1st March 1993 against mink, grey squirrel, stoat, weasel, rats and mice.

The Kania 2000 trap is a self contained unit which allows the trapper an instant set and is widely considered one of the safest setting and most humane traps in the world today. This is a selective trap, very suitable for use by pest controllers, home owners, woodland managers in a wide variety of situations and locations. This trap is perfect for grey squirrels in loft spaces, baited with peanuts, peanut butter or whatever your favorite attractant happens to be.

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The WCS TUBE TRAP is a quality killing trap originally designed in the 1980's for trapping mink in America. It's design advantages first came to Magnum Trap's attention in the early 1990's but its power was insufficient to pass UK Spring Trap Approval regulations. The TUBE TRAP's great advantage is that it incorporates a tunnel making it easy for operatives to comply with the UK's requirement regarding tunnel protection. This tunnel also has the added advantage that catches are hidden from public view. The TUBE TRAP can be used either baited or un-baited, the trap itself acting as an attractant to inquisitive targets, or being sited as a 'run-through'.

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This Fenn type trap bird box has been designed to catch squirrels discreetly. The squirrel enter the box from below and is caught by a Mk4 size trap inside.

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The rail trap houses a Mk4 Fenn trap and is designed to catch squirrels, rats, stoats and weasels whilst keeping out other non-target animals and birds.

The rail trap can be placed across a stream or ditch or used off the ground between two branches for squirrels.

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The Fenn cage is designed to house a Mk4 Fenn trap for trapping squirrels and rats. The entrance hole can be either from the top, side or bottom, this cage is especially effective on squirrels hung on a tree or fence.

New heavy duty design and green powder coated.

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Genuine Fenn MK 4 traps approved for killing weasels, stoats, rats & grey squirrels.

Traps by law need to be in a natural or artificial tunnel. 

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New Fenn tunnel, green powder coated, heavy duty with internal baffles to stop non target species. This tunnel is suitable for all the three brands Mk4 size traps.

The tunnel can be screwed to a fence or placed on the ground and pegged down using the lugs welded in place.

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Heavy Duty single catch squirrel trap

British made.

Excellent quality.

Green Powder Coated.

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The GSC heavy duty steel trapping comb will make dispatch of live caught grey squirrels and mink a more humane straightforward operation. By trapping the animal at the back of the cage with the comb will restrict movement and allow a clean head shot.

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Nut Nut squirrel lure can be used to attract squirrels into traps without having to use physical bait like peanut butter that will attract birds into the traps. This strong smelling lure will draw squirrels in from a great distance and will remain effective for may days, only a few drops are required directly on or around the treadle plate. The lure can also be used to pull squirrels into a trapping site when using traditional baits like whole maize.

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Whole maize is one of the best squirrel baits available the yellow colour and sweet kernel make it irresistible to squirrels.

Whole Maize

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